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Image of Gary M. Wingens
  • Gary M. Wingens
  • Chairman and Managing Partner
Image of Lesley P. Adamo
  • Lesley P. Adamo
  • Partner
Image of H. Gregory  Baker
  • H. Gregory Baker
  • Partner
Image of Andrew  Behlmann
  • Andrew Behlmann
  • Partner
Image of Lynda A. Bennett
  • Lynda A. Bennett
  • Partner
    Chair, Insurance Recovery Group; Member, Executive Board
Image of John L. Berger
  • John L. Berger
  • Partner
Image of Leiv  Blad Jr.
  • Leiv Blad Jr.
  • Partner
    Co-Chair, Antitrust & Trade Regulation
Image of Jeffrey  Blumenfeld
  • Jeffrey Blumenfeld
  • Partner
    Co-Chair, Antitrust & Trade Regulation
Image of Matthew  Boxer
  • Matthew Boxer
  • Partner
    Chair, Corporate Investigations & Integrity Practice
Image of Bruce D. Buechler
  • Bruce D. Buechler
  • Partner
    Vice Chair, Bankruptcy, Financial Reorganization & Creditors' Rights
Image of Michael A. Buxbaum
  • Michael A. Buxbaum
  • Partner
Image of Eric  Chafetz
  • Eric Chafetz
  • Partner
Image of Lowell A. Citron
  • Lowell A. Citron
  • Partner
    Chair, Debt Financing
Image of Jeffrey  Cohen
  • Jeffrey Cohen
  • Partner
    Vice Chair, Bankruptcy, Financial Reorganization & Creditors' Rights
Image of Joseph J. DiPasquale
  • Joseph J. DiPasquale
  • Partner
Image of Doreen M. Edelman
  • Doreen M. Edelman
  • Partner
    Chair, Global Trade & Policy
Image of Peter H. Ehrenberg
  • Peter H. Ehrenberg
  • Partner

    Chair, Corporate Department
    Chair, Corporate Governance & Compliance

Image of Michael S. Etkin
  • Michael S. Etkin
  • Partner
Image of Darren  Goodman
  • Darren Goodman
  • Partner
Image of Michael N. Gooen
  • Michael N. Gooen
  • Partner
    Co-chair, Family Office Practice
Image of Jamie  Gottlieb Furia
  • Jamie Gottlieb Furia
  • Partner
Image of Andrew E. Graw
  • Andrew E. Graw
  • Partner
    Chair, Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation
Image of James E. Gregory
  • James E. Gregory
  • Partner
Image of Mary J. Hildebrand CIPP/US/E
  • Mary J. Hildebrand CIPP/US/E
  • Partner
    Founder and Chair, Privacy & Cybersecurity
Image of Robert M. Hirsh
  • Robert M. Hirsh
  • Partner
Image of Ted  Hunter
  • Ted Hunter
  • Partner
    Chair, Real Estate Practice
Image of Vanessa A. Ignacio
  • Vanessa A. Ignacio
  • Partner
    Chair, Trademarks, Copyrights & Trade Secrets
Image of Zarema A. Jaramillo
  • Zarema A. Jaramillo
  • Partner
Image of Wojciech F. Jung
  • Wojciech F. Jung
  • Partner
Image of Mark P. Kesslen
  • Mark P. Kesslen
  • Partner
    Chair, Intellectual Property section of The Tech Group
    Chair, IP Litigation Group
Image of Marc S. Kurzweil
  • Marc S. Kurzweil
  • Partner
Image of Michael D. Lichtenstein
  • Michael D. Lichtenstein
  • Partner
Image of Rachel  Maimin
  • Rachel Maimin
  • Partner
Image of Bruce S. Nathan
  • Bruce S. Nathan
  • Partner
Image of Christine  Osvald-Mruz
  • Christine Osvald-Mruz
  • Partner
Image of Anthony O. Pergola
  • Anthony O. Pergola
  • Partner
    Vice Chair, The Tech Group
Image of Christopher   Porrino
  • Christopher Porrino
  • Partner
    Chair, Litigation Department
Image of Jeffrey D. Prol
  • Jeffrey D. Prol
  • Partner
    Vice Chair, Bankruptcy, Financial Reorganization & Creditors' Rights
Image of Warren K. Racusin
  • Warren K. Racusin
  • Partner
    Chair, Trusts & Estates
Image of Richard F. Ricci
  • Richard F. Ricci
  • Partner
    Chair, Environmental Law & Litigation
Image of Kenneth A. Rosen
  • Kenneth A. Rosen
  • Partner
    Chair, Bankruptcy, Financial Reorganization & Creditors' Rights
Image of Mary E. Seymour
  • Mary E. Seymour
  • Partner
Image of Jeffrey M. Shapiro
  • Jeffrey M. Shapiro
  • Partner
Image of Theodore C. Sica
  • Theodore C. Sica
  • Partner
Image of Meagan R. Signoriello
  • Meagan R. Signoriello
  • Partner
Image of Brian A. Silikovitz
  • Brian A. Silikovitz
  • Partner
    Chair, Tax Group
Image of Peter  Slocum
  • Peter Slocum
  • Partner
Image of Kenneth J. Slutsky
  • Kenneth J. Slutsky
  • Partner
Image of Raymond P. Thek
  • Raymond P. Thek
  • Partner
    Vice Chair, The Tech Group
Image of Michael  Walutes
  • Michael Walutes
  • Partner
Image of Catherine  Weiss
  • Catherine Weiss
  • Partner
    Chair, Lowenstein Center for the Public Interest
Image of Julie Levinson Werner
  • Julie Levinson Werner
  • Partner
Image of Jeffrey J. Wild
  • Jeffrey J. Wild
  • Partner
Image of Jonathan C. Wishnia
  • Jonathan C. Wishnia
  • Partner
    Chair, Mortgage & Structured Finance Practice
Image of Amy Komoroski Wiwi
  • Amy Komoroski Wiwi
  • Partner
Image of Ed  Zimmerman
  • Ed Zimmerman
  • Partner
    Chair, The Tech Group

Honors & Awards

  • New Jersey State Bar Association: New Jersey State Bar Association (2020): Catherine Weiss – Recipient of the Pillar of Justice Award in recognition of her pro bono work during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially her leadership in statewide efforts to prevent evictions