Lowenstein represented client Traub Capital (Traub), an investment firm specializing in building value in consumer companies using its unique combination of strategic, operational, and financial expertise, in the company’s purchase of MANA Products (MANA), a premier beauty contract manufacturer based in Long Island City, New York.

The acquisition allows Traub to leverage MANA's exceptional innovation, research and development, and contract manufacturing capabilities as part of its vision for the company. In turn, MANA will leverage Traub's considerable strategic, operational, and financial expertise. MANA will continue to operate as MANA Products, and its leadership team and workforce will remain in Long Island City.

The Lowenstein deal team included Michael A. Brosse, Lauren M. Troeller, Lowell A. Citron, Doreen M. Edelman, Darren Goodman, Ted Hunter, Marc S. Kurzweil, Gavin J. Rooney, Jeffrey M. Shapiro, Michael Walutes, James C. Shehan, Norman W. Spindel, Daniel A. Suckerman, David Toma, Stuart S. Yusem, Abbey E. Baker, Eric Jesse, Stacey  C. Tyler, Naomi D. Barrowclough, Matthew P. Hintz, Manali Joglekar, Kimberly E. Lomot, Kathleen A. McGee, Megan Monson, Zachary L. Berliner, Christian C. Contardo, Mark S. Heinzelmann, Amanda C. Lutick, Michael T. Melchiorre, Joshua A. Rabinovits, Stephen Tanico, Jenna-Marie Tracy, Joseph Mignone, and Keith Janowitz.