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It takes a different type of person to turn an innovation into a successful business. It takes a different type of person to invest in that kind of business as well. The companies that these entrepreneurs and investors combine to create are different too - - they create assets, develop opportunities, realize profits and use legal services in a distinctive way.

At Lowenstein the mission of the Tech Group is to identify and understand these differences and provide effective and creative solutions to the legal, financing and business challenges they engender. Whether simple company formation, Series A venture transactions, complex intellectual property matters or life changing exits (M&A or IPO), the Tech Group is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and investors achieve their goals.

Each year Lowenstein helps to create hundreds of new businesses – we currently work with more than 500 early stage companies. Entrepreneurs trust us to provide the responsiveness and connections that they need. Lowenstein is annually ranked in the top handful of firms closing the highest number of venture transactions. In the last two years we have closed more than 1,000 growth equity, angel and private equity investments, and in 2012 we were ranked in the top five most active law firms in the nation by Dow Jones Private Equity Analyst. The top venture investors regularly rely on our commitment to client service and market knowledge. We also create and manage intellectual property portfolios for the most iconic companies in the innovation landscape. Clients like Applied Materials, Intel, Google, Red Hat, Cypress Semiconductor and Electronic Arts depend on us to anticipate their needs rather than merely react.

Our VentureCrush platform is unique in the industry, providing support and connectivity to the venture marketplace through a varied array of creative approaches, including VentureCrushNY, VentureCrushSF, VentureCrushAV, and VentureCrushFGVentureCrush and all of the Tech Group’s other programs and events share a common element - - their success depends on the support and participation of hundreds of individuals in the venture community from entrepreneurs to investors. We invite you to click through and see who and how many contributors are a part of VentureCrush and the Tech Group network.

Our clients may call on us to introduce strategic partners or acquirers, close on key financing or provide guidance to their very first venture. However they call on us, they find that our energy and passion for innovation is what drives us to answer.

Practice Leaders

Mark P. Kesslen
Chair, IP Practice

Anthony O. Pergola
Vice-Chair, Tech Group

Kathi A. Rawnsley
Managing Partner, LS Palo Alto

Raymond P. Thek
Vice-Chair, Tech Group

Ed Zimmerman
Chair, Tech Group

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