Lowenstein represented Floor, a token-gated non-fungible token (NFT) portfolio tracking platform founded by executives from Robinhood, Venmo, and Button, in the acquisition of NFT analytics platform WGMI.io.

In June 2022, Lowenstein also represented Floor in the closing of an $8 million Series A funding round.

The Floor app offers portfolio tracking, live activity for collections, real-time price alerts, multi-wallet support, etc. Floor is also planning to bring the NFT watchlist feature along with a guide on buying and selling NFTs.

Decrypt reports, “While Floor delivers a streamlined way for NFT collectors to view and track their holdings, WGMI.io is focused on analytics around market activity and trading trends. Together, they aim to deliver richer features for Floor users while bringing WGMI’s analytics features to a potentially broader audience.”

The Lowenstein deal team included Eric WeinerMeredith Beuchaw, Mark P. Kesslen, Darren Goodman, Oluwaseyi O. Amorin, Carmen DeMatteis, and Ron Feingold.