Lowenstein Sandler is proud to announce that the Lowenstein Center for the Public Interest has received a 2018 Community Leadership Award from HANDS, Inc. (Housing and Neighborhood Development Services, Inc.). HANDS bestowed the award in recognition of the significant legal advocacy the Center has provided to advance HANDS’ urban revitalization efforts. The Center will receive the award at an evening program on November 29, 2018.

HANDS’ Community Leadership Awards honor community activists, builders, entrepreneurs, innovators, and others with a demonstrated commitment to assisting the organization in its efforts to rebuild neighborhoods that can sustain business, education, arts and culture, and recreation.

HANDS is a New Jersey nonprofit devoted to neighborhood revitalization in Orange and East Orange, N.J. It works with individuals and organizations to confront civic issues; address health, economic, educational or environmental concerns; and promote culture and creativity. By targeting pivotal properties for development, engaging citizens and other stakeholders, and leveraging investments of time and funds, HANDS has stabilized neighborhoods and created long-term sustainable change. The organization focuses on redeveloping vacant homes for affordable homeownership, repurposing former industrial and commercial buildings as mixed-use developments, developing resident leaders, and leading community visioning and comprehensive planning.