Robert Hirsh, partner in the firm’s Bankruptcy & Restructuring Department, shares insights from the American Bankruptcy Institute Winter Leadership Conference in Southern California. Hirsh also provides a sneak peek into an upcoming episode of the Lowenstein Bankruptcy Lowdown, in which partners Jordana Renert and Eric Chafetz will discuss third-party releases.


Robert Hirsh, Partner, Bankruptcy & Restructuring Department
Eric Chafetz, Partner, Bankruptcy & Restructuring Department
Wojciech F. Jung, Partner, Bankruptcy & Restructuring Department
Bruce Nathan, Partner, Bankruptcy & Restructuring Department
Jordana L. Renert, Partner, Bankruptcy & Restructuring Department

Lowenstein Bankruptcy Lowdown
Attorneys in the firm’s Bankruptcy & Restructuring Department break down recent decisions and other key bankruptcy industry news and events.


Robert Hirsh: Hi, my name is Robert Hirsch. I'm a partner in Lowenstein Sandler's bankruptcy group. With me today is Eric Chafetz, Jordana Renert, Bruce Nathan, and Wojciech F. Jung. We're here at the ABI Winter Leadership Conference in Southern California. After two long years this is the first in-person conference for education and networking with our fellow bankruptcy professionals.

Last month, Jeff Cohen, who Chairs our group, started the Lowenstein Lowdown video series and discussed make whole provisions. Next month, Jordana and Eric are going to discuss third-party releases. We hope you'll tune in to this educational video. Anyway, happy, healthy, and we wish you the best. Take Care.

Eric Chafetz, Jordana Renert, Wojciech Jung, Bruce Nathan: Happy Holidays, everyone! See you next year.