By Ed Zimmerman & Betsy Zimmerman (with Maya Horgan Famodu)

“I have an obligation to use my access to empower the next generation of African innovators.”

-Maya Horgan Famodu, Nigeria-based Venture Capitalist.

In launching Ingressive Capital and doubling assets under management (AUM) from $5 Million to $10 Million, Maya Horgan Famodu has set a number of records. She is believed to be the youngest Black female to launch a tech fund, and the youngest person to launch a tech fund in Sub-Saharan Africa. She is the first solo female to have raised a tech fund in Nigeria. In fact, Maya’s $10 million venture fund, Ingressive Capital, may well be the largest first-time tech fund raised by a solo Black female GP in all of venture. 

This interview and background about Maya and her firm is timely for numerous reasons, not the least of which is her recent fundraise to invest in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and Egypt.

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