*This report was co-authored by Bert Kaminski, Director, Legal - Google Cloud.

In 2023, it seemed that all anyone was talking about in the legal and wider business communities was ChatGPT and other generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools. And there appeared to be little consensus. Even within our own organizations, which have always embraced technological innovation, we observed a wide range of disparate reactions to the use of AI, from concern to excitement.

We also realized there existed little objective data to provide a quantitative picture of how leaders in law perceive this technology and its impact on the profession.

Therefore, we decided to survey our peers and colleagues across the field of legal services to gauge attitudes towards AI and assess how it is being used, either in their legal departments or their business operations.

The results are illuminating. A significant percentage of general counsel say they are aware of generative AI, and many express concerns about confidentiality, accuracy, and liability. On the other hand, the number of respondents who report having established policies, practices, and training about AI, either in their legal
practices or their business operations, is comparatively low — although many do say they plan to institute such processes in the near future.

AI is here to stay. Professionals who understand it and can manage its applications with efficiency and care may be better positioned to reap its benefits and navigate its risks.

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