May 20, 2015 - Lowenstein Sandler's Insurance Recovery Group has successfully secured defense coverage from Chicago Title Insurance Company in connection with several lawsuits challenging our client's title to a significant land purchase. After several years of litigation, the New Jersey Appellate Division recently affirmed partial summary judgment in our client's favor establishing Chicago Title's ongoing duty to defend. In addition, the Appellate Division affirmed a $1.6M fee award, representing more than 95% of the requested fees, for previously incurred defense costs. Finally, the Appellate Division granted our cross-appeal on the right to recover the fees and costs that our client has incurred in the coverage litigation to establish Chicago Title's coverage obligations as well as a right to pursue pre-judgment interest. The Lowenstein team was led by Lynda A. Bennett and included Michael Long, Frank Catalina, Eric Jesse, Megan Treseder, and Catherine Ricciardelli.

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