Emerging Companies & Venture Capital (fka, The Tech Group) will host its third VentureCrushFG session of the 10th Vintage in New York City.  The event will feature a panel discussion titled, Developing Brand – Your Company's & Your Own, led by Ed Zimmerman and including panelists Karen Appleton, Angel Investor, Board Member, Startup Mentor, Employee # 7 at Box, Former Senior Director at Apple (Silicon Valley-based); Hayley Barna, Partner, First Round Capital & VentureCrushFG Alum (Co-Founder of BirchBox); Amanda Hesser, Co-Founder & CEO, Food52, Former NYTimes Food Editor, James Beard Award Winning Author & VentureCrushFG Alum; and Jodi Sherman Jahic, Managing Partner, Aligned Partners (SF-based VC).  The panel discussion will be followed by breakout sessions.

VentureCrushFG (formerly known as FirstGrowthVC) was described by Pando Daily as: "New York's best accelerator isn't much of an accelerator at all."  Instead, VentureCrushFG builds a community of founders and strives to avoid engendering competition between the founders within VentureCrushFG.  VentureCrushFG does NOT: (1) take equity, (2) charge, (3) require anyone to do business with anyone else or (4) have a demo day.

The fourth, and last, VentureCrushFG session of the 10th Vintage will take place on May 9, 2018.

For more information, email VentureCrush@lowenstein.com.