In response to GDPR and Privacy Shield changes, Mary J. Hildebrand participates in a webinar panel regarding next steps for entities in the financial services industries that have completed initial gap analyses and modified their public-facing privacy policies.

This session will focus on what these heavily regulated industries will have to do in the next 60 days to establish and maintain a legally defensible position with respect to privacy and security of personal data — not only to comply with regulation but to be poised to do business in the 21st century.


  • Mary J. Hildebrand, Partner; Founder and Chair, Privacy & Cybersecurity, Lowenstein Sandler LLP
  • Ray Ford, Founding Member, GDPR Institute
  • Mark Rasch, Chief Legal Counsel, Digital Risk Management Institute; former head, United States Department of Justice, Cyber and High Technology Crime Unit
  • David Morris, early pioneer in cybersecurity; Managing Partner, Morris Cybersecurity