As deal flow has started to resume and national/global economies slowly emerge post-shutdown, there have been many interesting developments in the R&W insurance market. Please join Lowenstein Sandler and Woodruff Sawyer for a joint webinar that will help you navigate the “new normal” of buying R&W insurance post-COVID and provide you with insights on emerging trends and themes within the market. During this webinar, attorneys from Lowenstein Sandler’s Insurance Recovery group will present the results of their recently released R&W insurance report which addresses the burning question many policyholders have: Do insurers actually pay claims made under R&W insurance policies? Through an analysis of the survey results, you will learn how policyholders have succeeded in moving insurers from “claim denied” to “claim paid.” M&A insurance brokers from Woodruff Sawyer’s Transactional Insurance Group will discuss recent trends in the R&W market, including developments relating to exclusions and diligence requirements around COVID-related risks, and the insurers’ approach to the coverage of minority investment deals.


Lynda A. Bennett, Partner and Chair, Insurance Recovery 
Eric Jesse, Counsel, Insurance Recovery

Time: 2-3 p.m. EDT

Please email for registration information.