Jeffrey Cohen, chair of the firm’s Bankruptcy & Restructuring Department, invites friends and colleagues to attend Lowenstein Sandler’s second annual “Broadway at Home” event. This year’s program—taking place Thursday, March 10, 2022—will feature livestream performances from several cast members of Dear Evan Hansen, as well as an interactive question-and-answer session.


Jeffrey Cohen, Partner; Chair, Bankruptcy & Restructuring Department

Lowenstein Bankruptcy Lowdown
Attorneys in the firm’s Bankruptcy & Restructuring Department break down recent decisions and other key bankruptcy industry news and events.


Jeffrey Cohen: Hi, I'm Jeff Cohen, Partner and Chair of the Lowenstein Bankruptcy & Restructuring Department. On Thursday evening, March 10th, the Lowenstein Bankruptcy group will host “Broadway at Home” for friends and family. And we'll do that from my home. Following on the success us of last year's kickoff event, this year, we will host several cast members from the Broadway award-winning show, Dear Evan Hansen. This year's program will include livestream performances from several cast members, as well as a Q&A moderated by me, and my adorable children. For more information or to register for this event, please reach out to your Lowenstein contact.

In other news, we really hope you've been following the Lowenstein Bankruptcy Lowdown series. In our most recent episode, Senior Counsel Brent Weisenberg shared his thoughts on what's to come in bankruptcy and restructuring in 2022. In upcoming episodes, we'll have Rob Hirsch talk about the Circuit Court split on the U.S. Trustee fee increases, as well as recent case law on preference defenses. We really hope you'll tune in.

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