David Richman: The new version of The Charismatic Advisor presentation that I’ve been introducing around the country talks specifically about the difficult topic of having deeper conversations with patriarchs and matriarchs about multigenerational estate planning. Your ability to be a source of strength for your affluent clients can be showcased best by engaging in these deep conversations. The challenge is in how you approach the topic and begin to have this difficult conversation with your clients.

I’m joined by Michael Gooen from the law firm Lowenstein Sandler and Dr. James Weiner, cofounder of Inheriting Wisdom, a specialty consulting firm that designs strategic legacy plans that maximize a family’s human capital. Michael’s practice focuses on wealth preservation and transition for private clients and business entities with an emphasis on tax planning. He has been named to Worth Magazine’s list of top 100 Attorneys, which recognizes the nation’s leading attorneys specializing in trusts and estates, philanthropy and other private practice areas. Dr. Weiner, the author of The Legacy Conversation, is a clinical psychologist and a recognized speaker and trainer. He has spent over 35 years coaching and counseling individuals to successfully respond to personal and professional obstacles.

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