The Lowenstein Center for the Public Interest has created a Summary Survey of State Charity Registration Requirements in All 50 States and the District of Columbia to help nonprofits comply with state law across the country. This valuable resource gives nonprofits the information they need to understand their legal obligations when they solicit funds from donors throughout the United States.

Prepared for Pro Bono Partnership, a Center client, the survey provides pertinent guidance for nonprofits whose online fundraising brings in money from parts of the country where they do not otherwise have a presence and where they may not be aware of state-specific registration obligations.

“We are proud of the efforts of Mitchell McDonald, who led this project for several years; he has become an authority on advising nonprofits looking to expand their reach through online platforms,” said Catherine Weiss, partner and Chair of the Center. “We hope that everyone will share this resource with friends, colleagues, and contacts who advise or administer nonprofit entities or who serve on nonprofit boards so those entities can maximize their fundraising potential.” 

Nancy Eberhardt, Executive Director of Pro Bono Partnership, noted that compliance with charitable registration requirements in the 40-plus states that require registration and reporting “is a daunting task for nonprofits. Lowenstein Sandler’s survey provides the nonprofit community a concise guide to compliance.” 

The survey is available on the Pro Bono Partnership website at this link and on the Center’s site at this location

For more information on the survey, please contact Mitchell McDonald.

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