Lowenstein Sandler has launched a new partnership with Eagle Alpha to meet the legal and compliance challenges associated with the on-boarding and use of alternative data. The partnership is pivotal to addressing the issues encountered in the ever-evolving alternative data space.

“Our new initiative with Eagle Alpha is a great opportunity to address the hedge fund industry’s concerns with respect to alternative data, and to do so on a variety of platforms,” commented Peter D. Greene, Partner and Vice Chair of the firm’s Investment Management group. “We look forward to elevating our level of support to the fund community.”

Eagle Alpha’s Data Strategy solution includes category workshops and case studies, and will now include a legal and compliance component.  The partnership will focus on four new platforms: 

  • Webinars: monthly webinars on specific topics
  • “Ask the experts”: Eagle Alpha clients can submit anonymous questions to be answered by lawyers at Lowenstein Sandler
  • Podcasts: monthly podcasts on specific topics
  • Insights: periodic publications on specific topics

“Reputation is paramount to our clients. Keeping abreast of the legal and compliance considerations regarding alternative data is becoming increasingly important, but also challenging. Eagle Alpha is pleased to announce today that we have partnered with a leading legal investment management practice to respond to these legal and compliance challenges,” said Emmett Kilduff, Founder & CEO of Eagle Alpha.

Eagle Alpha was established in 2012 to provide alternative data solutions to buyers and vendors of alternative data.