With the spigot of virtually free money flowing into lenders’ coffers for the better part of a decade, corporate borrowers have been able not only to roll over their existing debt, but also to borrow a lot more. Commentators have sounded doomsday alarms of an impending “wall” of corporate debt maturities for most of the last decade. During that period, the debt-maturity time bomb has been kicked further down the road, but they simultaneously enabled the problem to roughly double in size. With hundreds of billions of dollars of corporate debt maturing in the next two years, the long-predicted day of balance sheet reckoning may finally be upon us. Join Bruce S. Nathan and Andrew David Behlmann as they present a webinar that focuses on how to prepare for and deal with the upcoming corporate debt crisis.

This program will delve into:

  • Modern corporate capital structures and their characteristics, including the increasingly debt-heavy balance sheets plaguing corporate America, that can intensify or accelerate companies’ distress and make restructuring more difficult
  • Other factors, such as tariffs, that are fueling concerns of an upcoming slowdown or recession
  • Warning signs to help identify customers most at risk from the burgeoning corporate debt crisis,
  • Tools you can start using now to help mitigate the risks of eventual defaults and restructurings.

Time: 3-4:30 p.m.