Startup Bootkamp Pre Seed is a two-day, 12-hour experience that is made for aspiring to pre-seed entrepreneurs who are looking for early stage guidance. We go over topics like entity formation, validating your idea, creating your mobile app, how to find mentors, how to raise money from investors, etc.


  • Phil Castro, Founder & CEO of BarPass; Founder & Host of Startup Bootkamp


  • Kevin O. Grange, Partner, Lowenstein Sandler LLP
  • Kathi A. Rawnsley, Partner, Lowenstein Sandler LLP
  • Andrew Bluestein, VC, Bluestein Ventures
  • Stephanie MacConnell, Angel Investor
  • Cope Enekwe, VC, Aux21
  • Eddie Lou, Angel Investor
  • John Driscoll, CEO, Naked