ROTH’s RNA Revolution Conference will give investors the opportunity to dive deep into scientific discussions about differences between various RNA modalities (mRNA, ASO, siRNA, and RNA-targeted small molecule), the nuances of drug delivery, and how improvements have made these drugs more effective and safer. Yasmeen Rahimi, Ph.D., Co-Head of Biotechnology Research and Senior Research Analyst, will moderate four panel discussions on topics that address how companies are innovating in the main areas of RNA medicine. The panels are “From the Past to the Future: ASOs and Small Molecules,” “Knock Knock, Who’s at the Door? siRNA with Large Market Opportunities” and “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Why Would mRNA Deliver it All?”, with a fourth, key panel “A Delivery Revolution Beyond the Liver” that will allow investors to learn the ins and outs of RNA medicine delivery beyond the liver. Also, interact in one-on-one meetings with leading experts who have significant expertise in mRNA and ASO delivery, readthrough from pre-clinical studies to clinical trials, and what makes for a clean and efficacious RNA therapeutic.

Lowenstein Sandler is a sponsor of the ROTH RNA Revolution Conference.

Lowenstein Attendees:

7 a.m.-5 p.m.

Location: 1 Hotel Central Park, 1414 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019