When a company is doing well, creditors are happy and may not scrutinize common practices of management or of the board. But, when a company is in distress, you can expect a call from your lender requesting a meeting. And, if the company may be unable to pay creditors in full, creditors may conduct a forensic examination and pursue alternative sources of recovery- such as officers and directors.

  1. When does incorporation not prevent personal liability for a company’s debts?
  2. How should the board of directors operate when a company is in distress so as to avoid personal liability?
  3. How should a company prepare for negotiations with its lenders when it needs relief under loan documents?

This program, featuring Lowenstein's Kenneth A. RosenMary E. Seymour, and Jennifer B. Kimble, will examine best practices for management and the board to facilitate a successful financial restructuring and to avoid personal liability.

Time: 12 p.m. ET

*This event is open to the public but requires a registration fee.