A properly completed and executed credit application is crucial to a creditor’s decision to extend credit and its ability to collect a claim against a delinquent customer. The credit applications also allow a creditor to fully realize upon risk mitigation tools to support an increased credit line or increase recoveries from financially distressed customers (such as letters of credit, guaranties, purchase money security interests/consignments and credit insurance).

Join this webinar, featuring Lowenstein's Bruce S. Nathan, Andrew Behlmann, and Michael Papandrea, to learn about the importance of including favorable, carefully crafted terms and conditions as part of a credit application and any other contract with the customer to enhance collectability of a claim and minimize liability, as well as the steps creditors should take to ensure their terms and conditions are enforceable and minimize the risk of a battle of the forms. Examples of key terms will also be provided along with a discussion of how those terms can be incorporated as part of the credit application and other contract with a customer.


Time: 3-4 p.m. ET

*Disclaimer: This event is open to the public but requires a registration fee.