Learn what trade regulations might govern your technology and technology business, even if you haven’t gone to market yet or are not selling outside of the U.S. Lowenstein's Doreen M. Edelman, Laura Fraedrich, and Abbey E. Baker will discuss:

  • How export controls apply to ALL U.S. technology (including cyber technology) – even if the technology never leaves the United States!
  • What sanctions on China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, and other places and persons mean for your business, product development, and sales. 
  • The legal limitations and requirements of accepting funds from foreign investors.
  • Do you want to sell to the government? – The national security and Buy American restrictions to consider to be competitive in the procurement space. (Hint, it’s not necessarily enough to assemble your components or download software in the U.S. to be Buy American compliant!)
  • How import laws, taxes, and prohibitions affecting your supply chain, including the import of materials and components, may affect your business and your bottom line.

Time: 12-1:30 p.m. ET

*This webinar is free for WIT members and requires a $5 registration fee for non-members.