The Covid pandemic has been unique in our lifetime for its global impact. Businesses across the globe endured lockdowns and the same conditions affecting commerce regardless of nationality. As the spread of the disease comes under control, will life return to “normal” as it was understood pre-Covid? Rather than speak of normal and new normals, we perhaps do better to understand what has changed and what remains the same, since not everything in the old “normal” was optimal. This discussion, featuring Lowenstein partner Doreen M. Edelman, will focus on international commerce in terms of contracts and trade through a series of interactive questions. In many ways, Covid did not change the rules as such, but brought to the fore technology and other ways of doing things more efficiently.


  • William E. Spear, Manager, New Jersey Office of Export Promotion


  • Doreen M. Edelman, Partner; Chair, Global Trade and Policy, Lowenstein Sandler LLP
  • Steven M. Richman, Esq., Member, Clark Hill PLC

Time: 10 a.m. ET