Hiring, developing, and promoting the right leaders is among one of the biggest challenges a company faces. Without proper leadership, corporations will ultimately fail. Therefore, a proper leadership program that incorporates DEI into its strategy, along with succession planning, is essential in order to thrive in our multi-cultural economy. 

Lowenstein partner Kathleen A. McGee will be speaking on a panel, "Building and Scaling a More Direct Leadership Pipeline," as part of The Women, Diversity & Change Summit: Corporate Governance & Leadership. This panel will explore:

  • The best recruiting practices to attract the right talent.
  • The best practices for developing and retaining that talent.
  • Succession planning.


  • Kathleen A. McGee, Partner, Lowenstein Sandler LLP
  • London Lomax, VP Head JV COE & Business Operations, Aetna, A CVS Health Company
  • Lori Stacy, CEO, Trader Interactive
  • Chiling Tong, Chief Executive Officer & President, Asian/Pacific Islander Chamber of Commerce and Entrepreneurship

Time: 2:15 p.m. ET

*This event is open to the public but requires a registration fee. Registration for in-house counsel is complimentary.