Is a right to adequate housing a basic human right, and if not, should it be? What brought on the affordable housing crisis–globally, nationally, and locally–and how do gentrification and racial justice come into play? How are national and local governments and urban communities dealing with the growing number of low-income people being squeezed out of their homes as housing prices continue to rise?

Leilani Farha, Brook Hill, Amanda Korber, and Rachel Rintelmann take a deep dive into these questions and other pressing housing concerns. This roundtable, moderated by Lowenstein Sandler’s Zarema Jaramillo, will explore the alarmingly rapid disappearance of affordable housing; analyze trends (both domestic and international) in housing affordability; and provide examples of policies, litigation, and procedures that they have seen successfully combat high housing costs. We hope you can join us for this insightful and important discussion!

Time: 1-2:15 p.m. EDT

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