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November 18, 2015  China Cracks Down on Insider Trading in Effort to Calm Volatile Markets
Global Capital Markets Litigation Client Alert, Meg Slachetka

November 17, 2015  EMV Credit Card Liability Shift: Merchants at Risk
Global Capital Markets Litigation Client Alert, Katy Akopjan

November 10, 2015  Regulation Crowdfunding: SEC Adopts Final Rules Opening Door to Internet Sales to Non-Accredited Investors
Investment Management Client Alert, David Goret, Bettina Elstroth, Ted McBride

November 6, 2015  Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Approves National Futures Association (NFA) Interpretive Notice Expanding Cybersecurity Requirements for Commodity Pool Operators And Commodity Trading Advisors
Investment Management Client Alert, Scott Moss, Sarah Gore

November 6, 2015  U.S. Supreme Court Hears Argument in Closely Watched Class Action Appeal
Class Action Client Alert, Gavin Rooney, Amy Schwind

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Articles & Books

November 10, 2015  Cybersecurity Breach: The Threat From Within
New York Law Journal, Matthew Oliver, Amy Wiwi, Natalie Dallavalle

November 10, 2015  What Retailers Should Know About Gift Cards
Retailing Today, Kenneth Rosen

November 6, 2015  Beware Of Patent Trolls: Insurance Coverage For Infringement Lawsuits Brought By Non-Practicing Entities
Westlaw Journal, Christopher Loeber, Joseph Saka, Hilla Shimshoni

Fourth Quarter 2015  Sidestepping Cyber Liability: Three Best Practices
Corporate Board Member, Lynda Bennett

October 31, 2015  What Startups Need to Know About the Safe Harbor Ruling in Europe
TechCrunch, Mary Hildebrand, CIPP/US/EU

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