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May 11, 2015  New York City Employers To Be Restricted In Their Use of Credit Checks For Job Applicants or Employees
Employment Alert, William Greenbaum, Julie Werner

May 2015  SEC Issues Proposed Rule: Pay Versus Performance Executive Compensation
Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation and Corporate Finance & Securities Client Alert, James Gregory, Kate Basmagian

April 16, 2015  Fourth Circuit Addresses CERCLA Arranger Liability
Environmental Client Alert, James Stewart, Nikki Adame Winningham

April 6, 2015  Policyholder Beware: Communications With Insurance Brokers May Waive Privilege
Insurance Coverage Alert, Michael Lichtenstein, Catherine Aiello

April 1, 2015  Insurance Carriers and Ambiguous Language: Superstorm Sandy Decision Provides Key Guidance for Policyholders
Insurance Coverage Alert, Christopher Loeber, Michael DiCanio

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Articles & Books

May 2015  Beware: Not All Communications Between Court-Appointed Bankruptcy Professionals Are Privileged
The Bankruptcy Strategist, Norman Kinel, Terence D. Watson

May 2015  Electronic Signatures Agreements and Documents: The Recipe For Enforceability and Admissibility
The Credit and Financial Management Review, Bruce Nathan, Terence D. Watson

May 2015  Right of Publicity Issues in Emerging Media
Los Angeles Lawyer Magazine, Matt Savare, John Wintermute

May 21, 2015  N.J.'s interest is lower gas prices, and therefore self-service pumps
The Star Ledger, Michael Hahn

May 19, 2015  Preparing for the Inevitable: Insurance for Data Breaches
New York Law Journal, Michael DiCanio

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