In this episode of “Real Talk,” Amanda K. Cipriano and Rachel Moseson Dikovics speak with Dr. Traci Cipriano, clinical psychologist, formerly practicing lawyer, and a speaker, executive coach, consultant and author, about emotional intelligence and how it can be used as a professional tool. Dr. Cipriano says that emotional intelligence reflects one’s ability to recognize, understand, and manage emotions and use them strategically to influence thinking and behavior; she describes it as an ability to recognize other people's emotions by interacting them, reading the room, and responding appropriately; it also reflects an ability to cope with difficult challenges, especially regarding the workplace, work demands, and work environment. The most effective leaders are high in emotional intelligence, and research suggests that their teams and their organizations are more productive and generate more revenues.


Rachel Moseson Dikovics, Associate, White Collar Criminal Defense  
Amanda K. Cipriano, Associate, White Collar Criminal Defense  
Traci Cipriano, JD PhD LLC, Clinical psychologist, formerly practicing lawyer, speaker, executive coach, consultant

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