Over the last five years, trade with China has become increasingly regulated by the U.S. government, through export controls, sanctions, import restrictions, and foreign investment restrictions. This program, led by Lowenstein's Laura Fraedich, outlines the current restrictions and their underlying motivations. China remains a significant trading partner for the United States with substantial cross-border trade in goods and investments. However, all facets of this trade are now subject to certain restrictions. Thus, companies must be aware of when they need to understand these restrictions so as not to violate U.S. law.  Understanding the restrictions may also help companies in planning future trade and investments to avoid geo-political risk in the future.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Examine current restrictions on trade with China and understand how to evaluate potential risk
  2. Understand U.S. government concerns about technology transfers, human rights issues, and other factors motivating recent regulations
  3. Learn to plan for future geo-political risk

*This on-demand course requires a fee.