Arielle B. Adler will speak on two panels during the National LGBT Bar Association and Foundation’s 2020 Lavender Law Conference and Career Fair, scheduled August 12-14, 2020.

August 12, 2020

Moderator: “Training, Trainings, and More Trainings? Advancing LGBTQ+ Equity and Access to Justice through Professional Development for Law Schools, Private Firms, and Court Systems”

Continuing Legal Education (CLE) is a fundamental component of life as a judge, attorney, or legal professional. When it comes to advancing LGBTQ+ equity and access to justice, ongoing professional development requires not only expanding one’s knowledge of substantive areas of law and the enhancement of practical skills but also deepening one’s awareness of the diversity within LGBTQ+ lived experience and the growing of one’s cultural competency, diversity awareness, and inclusion best practices. These needs also exist for jurists, practitioners, and professionals who are themselves members of LGBTQ+ communities. This session discusses model trainings offered in a range of settings to diverse audiences including law schools (faculty and students), private firms and corporations, courts, and bar associations.

August 13, 2020

Speaker: “LGBTQIA+ in Big Law: A How-To Guide”

This panel intends to equip LGBTIA+ law students who intend to practice in Big Law with tools that will help them identify a law firm at which they can flourish in their legal practice and formulate an approach to various experiences they may encounter at work, including: navigating social media with work colleagues as “friends” or followers,” using identity-affirming pronouns at the office and with clients, bringing one’s “authentic self” to the workplace, advocating for inclusive health insurance, and updating one’s legal documentation with HR. The panel will also discuss how to identify a mentor to provide guidance regarding such topics.