Elie Honig speaks at the National Forensic Science Symposium regarding police forensics lab issues, with particular emphasis on how to address large-scale breakdowns.

The symposium is an intensive 3.5-day forensics "boot camp" for prosecutors. The training will:

  • Explain the science behind forensic science disciplines including DNA, latent prints, and firearms/toolmarks;
  • Explore emerging forensic tools, including the use of statistics in assessing the weight of the evidence;
  • Discuss potential models for interagency communication among prosecutors, law enforcement, and crime laboratories;
  • Address proposed legislation, rules, and USDOJ standards that may impact forensic science disciplines; and
  • Provide guidance about ethical issues that may arise in cases including forensic science—from considering your Brady and Giglio obligations during discovery to avoiding errors in your closing arguments at trial.

The D.C. Department of Forensic Sciences will also provide hands-on demonstrations of certain forensic science disciplines and laboratory management practices.