Bruce Nathan will present "Spotting and Reacting to Warning Signs of Financially Distressed Customers: Dodging the Bankruptcy Bullet." The program addresses the early warning signs hovering over a company at risk of a future bankruptcy filing and how a credit executive can dodge a huge loss by quickly identifying and reacting to these warning signs as they accumulate. Bruce will also present "Loose Lips Sink Ships" with Lawrence O'Brien of Potash Corporation at the annual meeting sponsored by NACM Connect. The program explores a number of areas where the slip of the tongue or inclusion of damaging information in one's file could land credit professionals into "hot water" and possibly liability. Topics include preference claims and what "smoking guns" in a file can make it more difficult and costly for a creditor to successfully defend against a preference claim, permissible communications at a trade group meeting, responding to a request for a reference and other communications between credit professionals, and the risk of costly antitrust litigation if credit professionals engage in impermissible discussions, as well as improper communications of an adverse action in violation of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act and Regulation B and the Fair Credit Reporting Act.