New Jersey law permits subcontractors and suppliers to protect their rights to payment in connection with a private construction project by filing a lien against the property and seeking recovery from the property owner for amounts owed by the contractor. But say the contractor files for bankruptcy. Do the bankruptcy protections that automatically stay collection efforts against the debtor-contractor impact a subcontractor’s ability to file a lien against the project? When is a lien that attaches only to the project owner’s property actually a lien on property of the debtor-contractor? Our discussion, featuring Lowenstein's Arielle B. Adler, will examine how the Third Circuit addressed these issues in In re Linear Electric Company, Inc. to hold that the filing of a construction lien after a contractor filed for bankruptcy constituted a violation of the automatic stay, and what it means for contractors, subcontractors and suppliers seeking to be paid what they are owed.



Time: 6 p.m. ET

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