Finding the right job and workplace is difficult for anyone, let alone survivors of human trafficking. And yet, adequate employment is a key element to sustaining a survivor's life in freedom from trafficking. Exploited for someone else's profit, survivors of human trafficking have unique challenges to (re)entering the workforce. Currently, survivors face barriers in employment due to the impact of trauma on mental health, lack of access to higher education or training, and previous criminal charges. Often, survivors are additionally marginalized due to their race, gender, nationality, or sexuality.

Amy Komoroski Wiwi and Amy C. Schwind will share their perspective on how businesses can adapt policies and practices to ensure greater inclusion of survivors of human trafficking in the workplace.

This event is produced in partnership with Survivor Alliance for their Annual Birthday Fundraiser. Survivor Alliance is a nonprofit (EIN: 82-4425458) that unites and empowers survivors of human trafficking and slavery. This fundraiser supports Survivor Alliance's inaugural World Congress, a conference of, by, and for survivors that will bring together 200 survivors from around the world.

Time: 10:30-11:45 a.m. ET