Data breaches of all sizes have become a matter of when, not if, for hedge funds and asset managers. Hear firsthand from panelists, including an experienced CISO and Senior Manager and Fund Regulatory & Compliance Counsel (Lowenstein's Scott H. Moss) as they discuss best practices and what to expect from regulators.

Topics include:

  • Regulators’ expectations of compliance: While you should expect some flexibility, you should not expect a free pass.
  • “Check-the-box” compliance is not sufficient, even more so in the current environment.
  • How to strengthen your existing security program to protect against the uptick in cyber attacks.
  • Why legacy solutions are not sufficient to protect against the new attacks, especially with so many employees continuing to WFH.

Attendees will have the chance for a Q&A with the experts. Free to register.


Time: 1 p.m. ET