Doreen M. Edelman, partner and Chair of Lowenstein's Global Trade & Policy practice, addresses critical CFIUS (The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States) updates and issues that every technology company must understand.

Topic include:

  • Understanding what CFIUS is and the role it plays in business and government
  • New CFIUS requirements
  • By the numbers: CFIUS's 2019 report to Congress on filings and investigations
  • A primer on FIRRMA
  • Understanding when a filing is mandatory
  • What it means when a foreign investor will have only a minority interest in a deal
  • Critical technologies, infrastructure, and sensitive personal data
  • "Voluntary" filings
  • Exceptions to a CFIUS filing, including excepted countries and investors
  • CFIUS response options
  • Consequences of not making a CFIUS filing
  • Challenging a negative CFIUS determination
  • Business confidential information

This webinar was held in place of an originally scheduled in-person event.