Issues Management is a unique public affairs company headquartered in Princeton, NJ. Associated with Lowenstein Sandler, Issues Management repeatedly has been ranked the #1 lawyer-lobbying firm in the state. Together with our business group, Insight Communication, we provide expert advice to a diverse set of corporate and non-profit clients in areas ranging from lobbying and regulatory work to advocacy campaigns and crisis communication.

The Issues Management team has in-depth experience in public affairs and government. Through our team’s combined public policy, legal, and governmental backgrounds, Issues Management supports and defends clients’ interests, using the latest technology in our advocacy. Our goal is to help businesses deal with the public issues and events that affect not only their bottom lines but also their reputations. Our job is to help our clients even the playing field and create strategic advantage. Our operating premise is that the time to act, to plan, and to execute is before an issue becomes a crisis, before opposing views are hardened.

Depending on our client’s need, our work may take different directions. Typically, we apply our combined problem-solving skills in one or more of these areas, to create multi-faceted campaigns:
  • legislative advocacy
  • environmental issues management
  • regulatory counseling
  • grass roots advocacy and coalition building
  • crisis management

With Insight Communication:
  • public issue campaigns
  • corporate strategic communications
  • specialized marketing

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