• Information technology outsourcing (ITO)
  • Business process outsourcing (BPO)
  • Application development and maintenance (ADM)
  • Offshore outsourcing
In a marketplace dominated by consumer demand for high value delivered immediately and at low cost, a company can attain a decisive competitive edge by outsourcing key business processes and functions. Service providers and their corporate clients must thoroughly and strategically evaluate, structure, negotiate, and manage their outsourcing transactions, with a particular focus on the protection of unique intellectual property. Lowenstein Sandler’s Tech Group partners with both suppliers and customers in a wide range of industries on their technology outsourcing transactions.

By representing both suppliers and customers, we have honed our insight into the transaction specifics that matter most to each, and the industry trends and pressures that affect each, thereby enhancing our ability to craft mutually beneficial outsourcing solutions. One of the leaders of our Outsourcing Practice, Mark P. Kesslen, in his prior role as head of technology, sourcing, and intellectual property law for a global financial firm, has guided numerous multi-billion dollar outsourcing deals.

We work on every phase of the outsourcing arrangement. The negotiation and structuring stage is the critical point at which we address risks and concerns and help parties to the agreement establish a comfortable working relationship. We also counsel on various other considerations, including regulatory issues (when customers are in regulated industries); transfer of assets; performance standards; obligations upon termination; and transition planning. The strategic, implementation, and ongoing management advice that the Tech Group offers can help both parties to an outsourcing arrangement achieve the significant mutual advantages such agreements can provide.

Practice Leaders

Mark P. Kesslen

Mary J. Hildebrand, CIPP/US/E

David Leit

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