The New York Post quotes Kenneth A. Rosen in an October 11, 2018, article about Sears’ potential bankruptcy and CEO Eddie Lampert’s aim of avoid a corporate liquidation by bidding on Sears’ remaining assets. Rosen notes that, while some bankruptcies are designed to secure a court’s permission to sell assets to someone inside the company, he believes Sears may be in liquidation within the next few months. In the Post'October 14, 2018, article announcing Sears' October 15, 2018, Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing and noting Lampert's bid to keep several hundred stores open, Rosen states that some of the stores may currently be successful and that Lampert likely knows which ones they are. The Post quotes Rosen again in an October 16, 2018, piece reporting on the retailer's efforts to reassure vendors that the company has the financing to pay for new merchandise supplied to Sears' stores. Rosen notes that such reassurances may no longer resonate with vendors.