The Hill, USA Today, CNN, and Law360 quote Jeffrey Blumenfeld on the U.S. Department of Justice lawsuit that seeks to block AT&T’s proposed merger with Time Warner. In The Hill, Blumenfeld notes the ineffectiveness of imposing behavioral conditions to avoid anticompetitive behavior following major industry mergers. In USA Today, he notes that this litigation offers consumers a real-world lesson in the antitrust issues that can affect everyday activities such as watching cable television and streaming programs. CNN quotes Blumenfeld on the difficulties AT&T customers might face should the deal be approved when attempting to obtain content that is not owned by AT&T. In Law360, Blumenfeld discusses the parties' back-and-forth regarding confidentiality concerns and notes how greater evidentiary openness in this case can offer consumers a look at antitrust law as applied to an industry they understand and interact with every day.