The American Lawyer features Lowenstein Sandler’s recent “lateral hiring spree of government lawyers and prosecutors” in an article on the arrival of new partners and former government litigators Rachel Maimin and Greg Baker. Both Maimin, former SDNY assistant U.S. attorney, and Baker, former senior counsel at the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission, praised Lowenstein’s “commitment to growing its white-collar practice,” in addition to the strength of its investment management and funds practice, as critical elements attracting them to the firm. 

The piece notes that since former Attorney General of New Jersey Anne M. Milgram joined the firm in July 2017 as special counsel and former Attorney General of New Jersey Christopher Porrino returned to the firm in 2018, Lowenstein has welcomed several former prosecutors and government lawyers. The firm’s Litigation team now includes former First Assistant Attorney General of New Jersey Peter Slocum; former Assistant U.S. Attorney, Eastern District of New York Ryan M. Wilson; former Assistant U.S. Attorney, Southern District of New York Elie Honig; and former Deputy Attorney General of New Jersey Shontae D. Gray

Porrino, Chair of the firm’s Litigation group, says that “he expected the firm’s ‘talent binge’ to continue. … ‘We’re focused on talent and we’re focused on experience and I think Rachel and Greg are great examples of that.’” (This article also appeared in the New Jersey Law Journal and on Yahoo! Finance and Yahoo! News.) (subscription required to access certain content) View Lowenstein’s news announcement about Maimin and Baker joining the firm.