Sports Illustrated, The Washington Post, Forbes, The Associated Press, USA Today, CNN, ESPN, the NBA, Mavs Moneyball, ABC, CBS, MSN, SportsDay (The Dallas Morning News), the Dallas Observer, the Star-Telegram, Corporate Counsel, Law360, and numerous other outlets note Anne Milgram as co-lead attorney (alongside Evan Krutoy of Krutoy Law, P.C.) in an independent investigation on behalf of the Dallas Mavericks to look into allegations of serious workplace misconduct within the team’s business operations. A seven-month process involving 215 interviews and review of more than 1.6 million documents resulted in the September 19 release of The Report of the Independent Investigation of Dallas Basketball Limited, as well as a press conference in which Anne detailed the investigation’s methodology and the report’s findings and recommendations. Sports Illustrated describes the investigation’s approach as “thorough, objective and as complete as reasonably possible.” The article lauds that fact that the Mavericks hired two impartial, “high-caliber attorneys” and gave them “complete and unfettered access,” and it notes the NBA’s implicit endorsement of the investigation given the league’s decision not to launch its own. The NBA says that the “extensive investigation … resulted in a detailed understanding of the scope and substance of the issues.” Corporate Counsel states that the report “could hold important lessons for GCs” and that in-house counsel would do well “to study the report’s recommendations … to see what might apply at their own companies.” The Washington Post reports that NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has asked all 30 NBA teams to adopt the report’s recommendations. (subscription required to access certain content)