ROI features Christopher Porrino in four articles inspired by his tenure as New Jersey’s 60th Attorney General. “Porrino earns glowing praise from current AG Grewal” includes current New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal’s highly complimentary remarks about Porrino that Grewal recorded for a video produced when Porrino was announced as a finalist for the New Jersey Law Journal’s 2018 Attorney of the Year award. In “Looking back—fondly,” an in-depth Q&A, Porrino reflects on his time as the state’s Attorney General, the role that office plays in New Jersey, and his return to Lowenstein Sandler. He offers his perspective in another piece that asks, “Does Porrino think New Jersey should elect its attorney general?” The fourth article, “Porrino on how he used the media to help him do his job as attorney general” quotes him at length regarding how he leveraged the media’s power to keep the public informed and to accomplish his goals as the state’s lead prosecutor.