Reuters reports on Lowenstein’s announcement that it has extended the lease on its Midtown office, noting that the firm is “doubling down on its flagship office in Manhattan.” The outlet quotes Gary M. Wingens, the firm’s Chair and Managing Partner, who says, “It’s a much larger investment than just adding another 25,000 square feet in New York. New York remains the most important legal market in the U.S., and the U.S. remains the most important legal market in the world.” Wingens continues: “We’ve learned we can be relentlessly efficient, but there are clearly losses in collaboration, relationship building, [and] firm culture that you can’t replicate in an all-virtual law firm.”

Reuters further states that the new space “will serve both as a lure to prospective hires and as a model for the legal industry for promoting health and wellbeing.” The article quotes Chief Operating Officer Joseph J. Palermo, who states, “The war for talent in law is accelerating and will only get more challenging as attorneys and the next generation of lawyers weigh their options about where and how they want to work.”

The expansion is also featured in The American LawyerAbove the Law, the New York Post, REBusinessOnline, the New York Business Journal, Real Estate Weekly, and the Commercial ObserverThe Commercial Observer quotes Steven E. Siesser, Chair of the Private Equity practice, Co-chair of the Transactions & Advisory Group, and head of the New York office: “Lowenstein has gone from one attorney in New York 20 years ago to now accommodating over 200, and we are committed to New York City as the home of our flagship office. This investment is a true reflection of our growth and our position as a leading New York City firm.”