Natalie L. Kraner, senior counsel with the Lowenstein Center for the Public Interest, tells Law360 that the New Jersey Supreme Court’s order to all vicinages to begin scheduling mandatory residential landlord-tenant settlement conferences may cause confusion among landlords, tenants, and lawyers, especially in light of a bill recently passed by the state's Assembly and Senate that will allow dismissals of landlord-tenant cases if tenants can prove they had low-income levels from March 1, 2020, through August 2021. "If we are confused, landlords and tenants certainly will be, and that confusion could lead them to miss a settlement conference and wind up with a dismissal or a default judgment,” Kraner says. “Also, by giving parties only one shot to appear at a settlement conference, the court is wrongly assuming that the parties have adequate notice and are able to successfully navigate the technology and other hurdles that arise in a virtual environment, when we know that's not the case."