Michael S. Etkin is quoted in Bloomberg, Chicago Tribune, and Law360 regarding the successful developments for the consumer privacy litigation plaintiffs in the Chapter 7 case involving Cambridge Analytica. The plaintiffs, Facebook users whose personal data was misused during the 2016 presidential campaign, commenced multidistrict class action litigation against both the defunct political consulting firm as well as Facebook and others. Working directly with the court-appointed lead counsel to the putative class, which retention was approved by the district court overseeing the multidistrict litigation, Etkin convinced the court to grant relief from the automatic stay resulting from the Chapter 7 filing in New York and order Cambridge Analytica and its affiliate to preserve documents relevant to the consumer privacy litigation. The request to conduct an examination of Cambridge Analytica and its affiliate and for the debtors to produce documents related to their financial condition and pre-petition transactions was adjourned by the Court in view of an agreement by the Chapter 7 Trustee to initially produce some documents to the class plaintiffs. (subscription required to access certain content)