Mary J. Hildebrand, the founder and chair of the firm’s Privacy & Cybersecurity team, comments on the United Kingdom’s new privacy laws aimed at protecting children online in an article in Law360. The U.K.'s Information Commissioner's Office’s Age Appropriate Design Code requires set stricter standards for designing, developing or offering online services that children are likely to access including turning off geolocation tracking and profiling by default, and minimizing data collection and sharing. Hildebrand observes that compliance will require “a lot of work and a lot of judgment calls to be made, sometimes in a vacuum and likely without a lot of guidance…. A lot of back-and-forth between the industry and the U.K. data protection authority is likely to be required." She adds: "It will be interesting to see how the balancing test between the commercial interests of the website operator and the privacy interests of the child plays out.” (subscription required to access article)