Lynda A. Bennett provides commentary for Law360s roundup of “Insurance Cases To Watch In The Second Half Of 2019.” Remarking on the upcoming decision in Daniel Berg v. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co., where the Pennsylvania Supreme Court will determine whether a state appeals court overstepped its bounds in a bad faith case by vacating a $21 million judgment, Bennett says that upholding the ruling will impact policyholders’ trust in the appellate review process: "Bad faith issues are highly fact-intensive and often hinge on witness credibility. It was troubling to me that an appellate court would usurp the judgment of the trial court on a 'cold record' in a fact-heavy case like this." She also observes that the high dollar amount of the reward serves as a deterrent to insurers from engaging in unreasonable conduct: "The trial judge saw smoke and found fire, and with this damages award, he was clearly trying to send a message to the insurance industry: 'if you behave like this, you will be punished.'"