Lynda A. Bennett comments in Legaltech News on why some law firms choose cybersecurity vendors pre-vetted by their insurance company, some opt for their own selection, and others seek precertification of their own vendors. “I think that the insurance company, in general, is investing a lot of time and money to vet if those cybersecurity companies are qualified and capable,” she says. “I think the insurers, when you ask them to add your own vendor, they may be willing to do that but there might be a higher deductible or self-insured retention up front.” Bennett further observes that “some law firms are inquiring whether they can get vendors [who] right now manage their data to be preauthorized in the event of a breach, and that’s really driven by how law firms are very concerned about keeping their confidential data confidential. … Rather than having a discussion and debate when a data breach is ongoing, they are asking their cyber insurers to already authorize [their vendor].”