Lowenstein Sandler was featured prominently in Diversity in Action magazine in a piece focused on opportunities in tech law for diverse people with backgrounds in STEM. Madhumita Datta, Ph.D., discusses her transition from engineer to patent agent to intellectual property lawyer, finding satisfaction in working with inventors by “giving voice to their invention, protecting their legal rights, and bringing their inventions closer to market.” Kathleen A. McGee considers lawyers working the area of tech law “to be some of the luckiest because we get to shape the law in the way that very few practices do.”

The article also highlights the work of Ed Zimmerman, Chair of Lowenstein’s Tech Group, on behalf of LGBTQ rights and against gender bias in the tech field. Ed comments on how recent law school graduates are attracted to tech law because “they grew up in the space and are early adopters.” A. Faith English, the firm’s Manager, Diversity & Inclusion, adds that her early experiences in private practice, public policy, and social justice have enhanced her ability to develop successful diversity initiatives, remarking on the importance of “having someone who looks like you at the power table.”