Gary M. Wingens discusses Lowenstein’s strategy for success over the past decade, the firm’s pro bono immigration work, cutting-edge initiatives undertaken during his tenure as Chairman and Managing Partner, and how technology is changing the practice of law. In a Law360 “Law Firm Leaders Speak” Q&A, Wingens explains how the firm’s commitment to a client- and sector-focused approach has been key to Lowenstein’s success. He explains how a close look at client metrics led to the firm’s sector focus and why doubling down on the services that clients truly want is a smart business approach. Wingens highlights the importance of taking risks and notes how the launch of the firm’s venture practice in the late 1990s positioned it to be among the first movers in the New York tech market. He also discusses how the legal profession’s adoption of new technology has allowed lawyers to work faster and better. When discussing the firm’s pro bono immigration work, he notes that lawyers have a professional obligation to give back considering their unique ability to impact social change using the legal system.